Wednesday, August 31, 2011

easy breezy beautiful

The day didn't go as planned but it went really great and Ohiyesa Lawas conquered the entire day!
This is Shop Metamorphosiis' fourth collection, or as what they call it, their fourth attack.

 yes! she is three times a charm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what is LOVE?

At the moment, love for me is simple.
love for me is happy
love for me is kind
love for me is serene
it is solemn,
and love gives peace.

As this man was sleeping, i suddenly realized that love for me is him. Whatever the misunderstandings and the extreme differences we have, love, still ends our day.

 i made a page for my photos and it will not be just another photography page in facebook but it will be more about LIFE, LOVE and PASSION.

 And by starting off, i posted about life already. And here is the link
and for the page

 I just love this set! and yes, this would be about love. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fallen Angel

A conceptual shoot, a fallen black angel or as what Miss Tiara Faye Sison (who conceptualized it) called it,
Les Anges Noir.

Yes, still  re-editing photos from past shoots and this one is still by Blacklist Productions. Modeled by Kirsten who truly is like an angel, she is wearing Tiara's sewn and designed dress just for the shoot. The wings! Yes! The wings are also hand made by Miss Tiara Sison.
Well somehow, a lot of photography enthusiast went to take a part of the shoot and it was truly a success. With us are Deankie Latonio, Orlee Agustin, Tez Tan and Miss Ariadne Blanco who just joined and helped the group. From Brainstorming and Conceptualizing, they all had great ideas and their contributions helped a lot.

posting just a little shots coz you know, those were just the nice ones. HAHA

models: Tiara Sison and Kirsten Florida Pfau

Coveting starts from seeing. Desire is a toxin that even angels are not immune to.

When one has been created to shine as bright as the sun, one questions how it feels to actually have its rays hit the skin.

When one has been created to fly among the fowls, one questions how it feels to have the wind in your hair when you fall.

Sometimes, immortality is just not worth it.

 Blacklist Productions Presents its 2nd Concept Photo shoot


A concept by Tiara Faye Sison

HMUA: tiara faye sison
models: ms. Kirsten Pfau,
Tiara sison

creative directors: Orlee agustin.
tez tan
and deankie latonio

more photos to re-edit! YEAAAH! ;) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in the middle of nowhere

I am re-editing photos from previous shoots and by re-editing i mean making it much more of like editorial (well perhaps not all of it! hehe) 

model: kakoi and with me are Dierrek Crisostomo, Orlee Agustin and Tiara Sison

and a behind the scene photo. Tiara is assisting Dierrek (the original frenemies) ^^ For some reason, I just love this photo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'd love to catch those sun shines that makes the models skins' glow! Unfortunately, these photos are re-edited from last year's shoot. The glares of the sun are just edited and also it's ambience. 

modeled by kakai ranile ^^ 
what i love about this photo (upper) is that she's just so stunning and fresh! 

The shoot was prepared by Blacklist Productions last year. It was really fun and a lot came to take some photos too ^^ hehehe

got a secret, can you keep it?

When i saw these set of pictures again, i remembered the TV series, Pretty Little Liars. Four beautiful teenagers seeking for their friend's real cause of death. There's this mystery in the story that kept people to look forward for the next episode though it is annoying! But still, I end up downloading and watching it. :D

I got it's title from the Pretty Little Liar's theme song. And yes! it's creepy T_T

 Here's the main cast of PLL ^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My second time to shoot with shop metamorphosiis and as usual, i always had a great and fune time with the crew! ^^

model: Frances Leah Madeja (see amazing twos previous blog)

model: Jedah Trinidad

It was a long yet fun afternoon at Plaza Independencia. Outfit changing was fun too! It was like having a lot of shoots on a sunny afternoon! Good thing it didn't rain :)

from left to right: Jedah Trinidad, Mariz Rivera (shop metamorphosiis), Leah Madeja and Metamorphosiis' crew, Rowen Rivera and adii

and yours truly with my superman! ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011


I always get fascinated with conceptual shoots and edits. I have seen works that are so amazing that my jaws dropped.

so here's my work with all those creepiness! HAHA anyway, these are not that nice compared to those photographers that i look up to but yeah, i still wanna learn a lot! maybe, somdeay... :)

 These was from last year's shoot organized by Blacklist Productions with Dierrek Crisostomo, Jason Manatad, Archie Mercader and his cousin, Thiat Thiong, Albert Joey and thanks to our models Miss Elda and Leanne! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Miss EMA shoot

It was my second time to shoot for Miss EMA pageant for Linguistics and Literature, and it will always be a pleasure. :)

Eight beautiful ladies but only one shall be the Miss EMA 2011. Congratulations to Mariz Rivera! 

It will always be my pleasure working with them. ^^

Thursday, August 11, 2011

amazing twos

 A very fun and exciting shoot we organized last year by Blacklist productions together with Dierrek Crisostomo, Jason Manatad, Rowann Paul Ponce and Roda Mae Signe. Models, Jedah Trinidad and Leah Madeja were styled by Tiara Faye Sison and Jay Angelo Belcina.

I re-edited the photos mostly from last year. Gladly, i still have saved all the raw files from all of the shoots!  

Kudos to the models! We were very much excited during the shoot and we just can't get enough! Looking forward to work with these natural beauties with their epic modeling skills!