Monday, June 4, 2012


I kept on thinking of what title I should give this set.. nothing really good popped out on my mind til I uploaded the last photo (it's a shot of marc, ginafe and hanz) and it's Boys over flower lol lol lol!
It sound ugly, I know.. but I am sure I have heard of this as a title in a local tv series or as what we call it "teleserye" it sound really funny haha.. and.. ridiculous!

So anyway, here are the photos I took with the boys! ;) enjoy!!!

HMUA/stylist: Marion Alcasid
models: Marc Antoine Jubay
Hanz Velano
(Ozar Models Philippines)

and uuuh.. hmmm :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Damsel

" The Damsel"

model: Ginafe Hisanan (OZAR, Model Philippines)
 HMUA/stylist: Marion Alcasid

So this is the shoot I had with  Ozar, Model Philippines

She's stunning isn't she? wait til you see her in person! 
more photos coming up! with the boys this time ;)