Monday, December 24, 2012


Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first.

Weird post on Christmas day right? But this is honestly a long time photo that I got inspired to edit just a few hours ago. 

So here's what my day went and what inspired me. My aunt me and my cousin Jhelvy went together to pick up our cake and cupcakes for tonight, while walking going to Robinsons fuente, I saw children and babies asking alms and laying down in the middle of the sidewalk on a Christmas day. Every time that I witness such scenario, all I could think about is of how can I help and If only I can do something, if only I am rich, if only I have money.. if only I CAN. The thing is I don't even have some, it just made me realize of how lucky I am to have a shelter, a home and a family that looks out for each other.

I know.. all I ranted was useless. All what I just typed in didn't do any help or anything better to those kids on the streets. But I did manage to give my "puto" to that little boy hehe It's too little but I really hoped that I did something good.

God put me in a battlefield so I'll know what to do, when there'll be a rough road again, then I'll be tougher.

Then we went to emall, looked for an empty space at the parking lot.. and since it's as if there's no available space and we just have to meet up with someone, we just standby beside those cars that are parked so we are sort of in the middle of the road. Anyway, I decided to meet up my other friend so I grabbed my cousin to accompany me.. just a couple of steps away from where we "standby" our car, I saw an empty space, I was standing there to make sure no one gets it first and I waited for my aunt to properly park. A group of people then approached us, stood in the middle of that space and told me that they are already parked there, so I asked them "then where's your car?" he told me that it has to turn around for them to park and I am not that perfectly dumb to not understand of what's happening.. 

My heart is already palpitating fast and my hands are cold as hell, we argued and didn't bother to continue it.. It's Christmas.. and as much as possible I don't want to argue with anyone. So I let it pass.. :))))

My whole point is that, I have realized a lot today. One is that, I really have a lot to thank God for. I may not have the best year, but I truly learned a lot. I may not have been experiencing that "hayahay" life I once had but I am just too lucky coz I am learning how to stand on my own feet. I may not have the perfect family but God gave me a perfectly imperfect one, that I call HOME. 

Christmas is not what you have, not how many gifts you have received but of how people touch your lives and how you touch theirs. May it be those street kids you gain inspiration from or the little thing you do for them. Perhaps it's not about the brightest Christmas lights you own but the brightest smiles in your home. Maybe it's not about how full your table is for Noche Buena, but of how full of happiness when you and your family gather together to celebrate Christmas.