Saturday, February 25, 2012

for charity

And finally, we've met and had our shoot!!! thank you so much charity for the trust! :)

It feels really good when you are with the teens.. I always do feel young again! LOL!
So despite of the ravishing heat of the sun we still managed to continue and finish our shoot. Luckily, Charity never fails to give that sweet smile.. ^_^

I haven't figured out why the large images gets desaturated here in blogger... :(
so anyway, here's the real tone of the photos! 

Here are some behind the scenes of the shoot. Funny thing is that I find them so cute (Charity and Kenji) together that I always snap a photo of them. Maybe because I really have this long time obsession with themed engagement shoots!!! Oh well.. I have been planning for it already! ;)

 Aren't they sweet and cute? hehe thank you again charity! Til next time! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012



sometimes we can associate dark as our failures in life.. well, this is because I have been hearing a lot of it lately and kind of had a realization after I watched the latest episode of GLEE lol (t'was inspiring though) so anyway.. sometimes the greatest opportunity is when we get stumbled right down through the ground (hard fall? hehe) we don't realize that every failure, there's a certain light.. there's a certain opportunity.. there's a certain catch to a new thing and maybe that leads you through satisfaction and great opportunity in life. We should not compare our hardships and sacrifices even our success to anyone because each one of us has our  different struggles, pains and happiness.

I know it's a bit confusing that sometimes I do deliver dark photos and sometimes a clean and lighter mood. Maybe it is what we call alter ego or something in our subconscious? but I am pretty sure that the dark images are my "babies" something that I am very comfortable with...

I find dark images as a very challenging thing to do since you have to IMAGINE, PLAN, TRY (trial and error) and finally EXECUTE the final and perfect plan and of course.. editing follows. Talking about editing, hmmm one thing is that if I executed the plan very very well and I have a  clear thought of what the image should look like then it is an easy breeze, especially doing the editing that sometimes it would not take me an hour or even a half to do so. But if the execution fails then the editing is too HAHA it would take me a day and worst not do it at all! :O


CLOUD - 10% edited
LIGHT (series) - 10% edited 
MOOD - 10% edits
ME - 70% edited LOL 
it is because I had a hard time positioning myself and composing myself in relation to the clouds.. and blending the colors of the skin too. sheeeesh

In this case, I somehow tried to play with "how to do" clouds.. This is not the desired look I want to create so that means I failed with the execution. But I was more focused with the clouds. This is actually a test shot because I want to try how this cloud thing works! and voila! though I failed with the entire image, I am  100% confident with my achievement with the cloud! yeay! :)

so here's the cloud I did
 and I look stupid, awkward and funny! ahahaha

I think I failed because of the lighting.. for some reason I had a hard time positioning the light that is why the lighting differs coz I kept on changing and moving it (you can see the cloud photo and mine's, its different)

So yeah, here's the before and after photos.. Have you figured out what material I used for the cloud? ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

like Cinderella

"To spend a life of endless bliss, just find who you love through true love's kiss"

This felt like a Cinderella Story

I just notice when I choose a larger image size here in blogspot, the bigger picture desaturates :'(

now this is what it really looks like.. hmmm

now how do I resolve this?


I know this isn't dark photography and I am sort of having beyond-my-comfort-zone photos lately due to unavoidable events and circumstances. But then I thought of having pre-debuts and engagement services shoots!!! (got really in love with fresh and young engagement shoots)

If you have inquiries or you want to avail pre-debuts and unique/themed engagement shoots please e-mail me at or

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image"

And yes! no matter how many masks that are piled on you, still the true you will always shine through. No matter how hard you try to lie to yourself and to others, there'll come a time that you can hide it no more!
Just saying! hehe 
spot the not!


I have been wanting to do mimic/reflection photos. I just took the chance (since I am shooting for something with this photo) to take shots with mirrors. And Yes! I dragged my vanity table with it's huge mirror all the way to the north reclamation area. It was very challenging since we have to carry stuffs with us. 

The first photo is a composition of two photos which has different poses from the model (Its is better to use tripod). I did some layering and masking to combine the two and got the result of giving a twist to the usual mirrored image. I added some birds too.. Still needs a lot of practice HAHA

And of course, I did some experimentation of the two photos (upper photo and lower) It has a different touc to it since I like the touches of each photo. hehhe

I love Deankie's face here.. he looks stunning!

P.S -
A lot have been asking of how do I edit the photos and If I have tutorials.. But guys, I am no PRO when it comes to editing and photography.. and I don't have that much time creating tutorials but I promise to try on how to somehow share. :) GOOD LUCK!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hit the summer's HEAT!

Hit the summer's heat with K Miranda's styling, Shyra Quimbi's hair and make up and of course the gorgeous models from FGM by Issa Laya-og  -

 Kia Villamor
 Ram Termulo 
Paul Abal

So this is actually just the first set and will just update the other two sets later!

here are some behind the scenes/fun times from the shoot.
The fun and laughs while during the shoot is truly priceless! Thanks guys for inviting me and for the fun experience
 Shyra and Kia
 Shyra, Kia, issa and kevin
issa, Kia and Kevin

Kia and Shyra having fun!!! with Paul and Kevin
*group photo to be updated..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

the art of God

"All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God"
Thomas Browne

Im sure everyone still remembered what happened last week, February 6, 2011. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8/6.9 hit Cebu and Negros. Well, this photo somehow relates to what is happening right now.
I don't really believe on that 2012 catastrophe-end of the world thing because only God knows what would possibly happen and whatever may happen, it is already in God's will. We are God's servants of His creations and we are obliged to take good care of these but somehow, humans went overboard with much intellect and greediness. 



I don't really do so much in photo manipulation but somehow, I think, my editing is evolving in too much surrealism and yes, manipulation too!... that is how I see it anyway.. so.. :D
(no artificial lights used)

and here's a raw jpeg and the edited..

DEANKIE LATONIO on the photo (thanks a lot dynx!)
I am so blessed coz if it weren't for Tiara, Deankie and Jhowboi,  I won't learn...


OH! meet my new prop! - Mr. Mustacho! ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail"

Just lately, I have been wondering of how money sometimes or perhaps most of the time, make wonders. 
Does money give us everything nowadays? Is work easier if we have a lot of money?

Well, maybe yes! This has been bugging my mind lately.. If the rich can afford everything and anything, and the poor still has to work hard for whatever riches they try to have, then life is truly unfair. But then, this is quite the usual scenery and situation, we Filipinos are in. I am just so amaze of how money can do so much wonders!!!hahaha For me, it is MAGIC.. it is even more powerful than the magic of photoshop lol!!!! haha 

We have been dictated of what are our limitations and freedom by the amount of money we have, or by the social status we belong... Just last sunday, me and some of my friends went to Simala to ask whatever we want to ask from Mother Mary (well, giving a lot of highlights with the passing of thesis).. while in the car, I was enjoying the beautiful "greens" I am seeing, the animals and breathtaking views, I told myself that I can live in a place like this with my laptop, camera and phone. I won't even care if I live in a Nipa Hut -seriously! It simply shut down all my worries.. Anyway, the bottom part is that we have our own comfort zones, some may be contented in a quiet and simple lifestyle.. others may want a very extravagant home but the most important is that we are happy, we are learning, we work hard for whatever we want to have and live with no regrets.

Do You Really Wanna Know?

Just this afternoon, I thought of making a photograph of what has been bugging my mind.. Thought of painting a part of my face some red just to show how influential money can be and how can it be destructive.. haha anyway, I then remembered that I have an acrylic watercolor and thought of using it- I am a no make up artist but I just used of some material and medium that I am more familiar with. hehe
I am also experimenting on a light set up though Im still using an octabox for the light source, I just did some trial and error on it's placement.. 

So I thought of  sahring some basic PP's but I have failed to save some photo process as I get along with editing :O maybe next time.. hahaha

so I seldom use smoothen skin in lightroom but it's the best so far, it's just that I sometimes get tired opening up lightroom HAHA there are some other enhancement software too like alien skin, silver efex pro.. but I don't usually use them since I don't like presets..
I grabbed this jpeg from the internet

change the money's mode into multiply and hit CTRL+T to transform the money jpeg and click the one that I highlighted with red and just adjust and let it follow the contour of the face
 then you play with it's opacity.. hehe

Will do better with this next time :D