Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Rogue

I never thought that this shoot will push through due to some circumstances but hey! WE DID IT!
Thank you Bianca for hosting the shoot and for making this happen and to Guada who helped me with the whole thing! And Tyra too for the time and to orville.... thank you thank you! Especially to the gorgeous models Seka and Steffi!!! :)

Tyra did their wonderful make ups, dressed with
Orville Bioncog's designed dresses (it was his CYDC dresses) 
directed creatively by the ever gorgeous miss Guada Calledo and Bianca Lim!!!
and of course, the models.. Seka Monsanto and Steffi Thomas

with a special participation of Cody, who by the way got love and first sight to Guada! haha lol
and the very mini minnieee! (Bianca's super cute dogs!)

and because we had so much fun.. here are a lot of behind the scenes!!!

 Tyra doing Seka and Steffi's make up

 CODY's butt! hahaha
 Cody is looking for his soulmate.. nope! not Seka but Guada! loool!

Thank you so much guys! this will never be possible without yooou! hahaha Thank you so much for your time!!! 

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