Friday, October 21, 2011


A portfolio shoot for Deankie Delima Latonio

MUA: Tiara Faye Sison
stage director: Orlee Agustin
with us is Dierrek Crisostmo who also took shots! 

Thanks guys! I've learned a lot!
It was a SEXY.FUN and EXCITING shoot!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


A shoot for Metamorphosiis

model: Rudylyn Campos
Clothes: Shop Metamorphosiis (

shooting them (and Nabz Alesna) was fun and fuss free!

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and for a better quality.
please do check out: for clothes, styling and etc. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wild and Free

Did a fun shoot with
 model: Larra Marnisse Lasam 
HMUA: Tiara Faye Sison
stage director: Jhowboi Sala
with Shena Capetillo and Pryle Fontanar

It was a blast!
 We had a lot of fun during the shoot :)

Enjoy guys! 

A happy lady is gorgeous !

some behind the scenes taken by shena capetillo

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Government Warning:

Did a fun shoot with AJ :)

a very memorable day! :) had fun testing shots with the new set! yeay!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Amateur, forever will be.

Because I am willing to learn as much and as long as i still can.

A very BIG thanks to our teacher Dr. Felma Alino!
She invited us, ID students to join the make up and photography workshop 
which Ms. Pearl Sarcauga (make up artist, founder of doll face cosmetics), Jinjing manching (Hair styling), 
Rodney Senining (Fashion styling) and Mr. Poh Lim II (fashion photographer) shared their knowledge of
their expertise and profession. It was really a great opportunity! We felt very lucky to be a part of the workshop since we really learned a lot. 
And also thanks to the models 
Diane Siao Elid 
Tiara Faye Sison
and to the Fashion Design students who made room for us, ID students ^^

Mr. Poh Lim wouldn't do workshops if it was not for Mdm. Felma Alino's request. He is a great one since
he do hands on activities and critique our works one by one. We started 11:30 am to almost 6:00 pm (photography alone). We did a daylight shoot and studio shoot from CAFA's photography studio.
It was very much worth it.

Group pictures and behind the scenes :) credits to rex reuben fernandez

FD and ID students with Mr. Peewee Senining (Fashion Designer) and Mr. Poh Lim II (Fashion Photographer)
Miss Pearl Sarcauga (make up artist; Founder of the Doll Face Cosmetics)
Me and Shena Capetillo with Mr. Poh lim II
And Jinjing Manching (make up artist) with model, Tiara Faye Sison

you can also check the complete set pf photos at:

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I got the title "Rabiosa" from Shakira's new song entitled rabiosa which meant in rage. 
What i love about this shoot is that we are not just having a shoot but we had a
very memorable and fun one. This is just one of the many shoots that we didn't
even plan to have. 

HMUA/styling: Jay Angelo Belcina
stage director: Jhowboi Sala
model: Tiara Faye Sison 
and with us are Shena Capetillo, Lou Lim, Dierrek Crisostomo (photographer)

Because together, we complete a team.

The clothing Jay Angelo Belcina used for this shoot were just scraps from Dierrek's. 
We will always be amazed of how Jay plays with his creativity in fabrics, pins and needles. 
And also, his trademark, BEADWORKS! ;)

Below are some behind the scene shots. 

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God Bless! ^^