Monday, August 29, 2011

Fallen Angel

A conceptual shoot, a fallen black angel or as what Miss Tiara Faye Sison (who conceptualized it) called it,
Les Anges Noir.

Yes, still  re-editing photos from past shoots and this one is still by Blacklist Productions. Modeled by Kirsten who truly is like an angel, she is wearing Tiara's sewn and designed dress just for the shoot. The wings! Yes! The wings are also hand made by Miss Tiara Sison.
Well somehow, a lot of photography enthusiast went to take a part of the shoot and it was truly a success. With us are Deankie Latonio, Orlee Agustin, Tez Tan and Miss Ariadne Blanco who just joined and helped the group. From Brainstorming and Conceptualizing, they all had great ideas and their contributions helped a lot.

posting just a little shots coz you know, those were just the nice ones. HAHA

models: Tiara Sison and Kirsten Florida Pfau

Coveting starts from seeing. Desire is a toxin that even angels are not immune to.

When one has been created to shine as bright as the sun, one questions how it feels to actually have its rays hit the skin.

When one has been created to fly among the fowls, one questions how it feels to have the wind in your hair when you fall.

Sometimes, immortality is just not worth it.

 Blacklist Productions Presents its 2nd Concept Photo shoot


A concept by Tiara Faye Sison

HMUA: tiara faye sison
models: ms. Kirsten Pfau,
Tiara sison

creative directors: Orlee agustin.
tez tan
and deankie latonio

more photos to re-edit! YEAAAH! ;) 

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