Sunday, October 2, 2011


I got the title "Rabiosa" from Shakira's new song entitled rabiosa which meant in rage. 
What i love about this shoot is that we are not just having a shoot but we had a
very memorable and fun one. This is just one of the many shoots that we didn't
even plan to have. 

HMUA/styling: Jay Angelo Belcina
stage director: Jhowboi Sala
model: Tiara Faye Sison 
and with us are Shena Capetillo, Lou Lim, Dierrek Crisostomo (photographer)

Because together, we complete a team.

The clothing Jay Angelo Belcina used for this shoot were just scraps from Dierrek's. 
We will always be amazed of how Jay plays with his creativity in fabrics, pins and needles. 
And also, his trademark, BEADWORKS! ;)

Below are some behind the scene shots. 

for more photos you can check

God Bless! ^^

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