Sunday, July 29, 2012

If you could just let us BREATHE

So just give me one good reason
Tell me why should I stay
Cause I don't wanna waste another moment
In saying things that we never meant to say

And I take it just a little bit
And I hold my breath and count to ten
and I've been waiting for a chance to let you in

If I just breathe 
let it fill the space between
you'll see everything will be alright
every little piece of me you'll see everything will be alright

If you could just let us breathe...

--- Michelle Branch---

is it just me? or the photos uploaded in any blog sites are just crappy??? well anyway, just follow this LINK to see a better quality of it. :)

I am supposedly in bed right now with my mama because she's sleeping in for the night but it seems like I can't breathe.. I got bothered with the things we talked about over dinner. All I want is her to be happy.. She's a very good person but why can't she be given a chance to be happy and be herself? :(

If only we could wake up in the morning, spending time cooking breakfast and chit chat 
If only I can see her genuine laugh and smile again
If only I can give that genuine smile and laugh to her
If only I can take all those hurt within her..


If we could just BREATHE.

credits to FIA for posing in this picture.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cold Feet

I guess I should post more of my conceptual photos here. hmmm... 

I have moved out from our house and currently living on my own.. and I'm scared. I'm not scared of ghosts, the fact that I am just living with myself nor frightened of not being in our own home. I'm scared.. scared of this new environment I am in right now. How I wish there'll be someone I can live with here. I don't wanna sleep the whole night (oh wait, do I really sleep? haha)

I actually have no idea why photos uploaded in any blog sites are in CRAPPY QUALITY! tsk!

It has been so long since I last posted something conceptual. I have been busy conceptualizing something about business and stuffs.. YES! I have to earn money.. to live.. haha seriously, I need to earn money to live independently and also for me to learn living without my "parentals". And still, I am still busy meeting up with clients and deadlines LOL now this serves as my photo break! bye!!! :)