Sunday, November 6, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue

Roses are red, violets are blue!

model: Nabz Alesna
clothes and styling by: Metamorphosiis/ mariz Rivera

These photos are still from the latest shoot for metamorphosiis! It's just that I love a lot of the photos coz the models were amazing and the clothes were so cute! 
Still haven't sleep yet, treating myself with editing since i got really busy working with my thesis! (ows?) :p haha and my fingers are missing photoshop already! :'( (reasons) ^^

i really need to sleep though, Good Morning and..


for tumblr lovn! :D


Angeli G. said...

Hello dear! :))
I looooooooove your shots :)) Nice work, babe :))

barbethlobitana said...

Hi Angeli! thank you!! ^^