Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Witch's Prodigy

Cute little Juliana is having her break at our home and we
failed to take her to a trick or treat thing sa malls.
So then we promised her to give her a shoot with her cute little witchy dress!
And made her do the hair flip :D

model: Juliana Nicole

and did i mention that she's still a 3rd grader? ;D

i hope she will be a model someday, she has been with us since she was still a baby and i used to carry her and goof around with her. I can still remember when i kept on teasing her and she'll be very pissed BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (she is so cute!)

anyway, she's growing up into a fine lady. With a sleek body type and a modelesque height, i hope she'll consider going in to the modeling industry. :)

so much for that..

ENJOY! ^ ^

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