Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I did a shoot for thriftgasm - at last! and it was my first time to arrive first >.< HA! -but being alone at plaza independencia was a bit scary :'(

so here are the photos... ENJOY!

model: Diane Cui Alesna
styling: Guada Calledo
clothes: thriftagsm shop

I honestly don't know what set to upload coz Diane look gorgeous in all of the sets!

tell me whyyyyy am i in love with this shot? it isn't perfect.. but for me it is! a candid shot! :D

I got really pressured at the beginning of the shoot coz im afraid it won't turn out as what Guada wanted it to look like though i really wanna try those kinds of shots... i mean, i love doing those kinds of shoots! Something like Rumi Neely's! - (fashion stylist). But then as Diane was doing her thing, i got excited and didn't even want to stop hitting the shutter button - She's like Rumi Neely herself! :D
The clothes, styling.. the props! and the concept that Guada wanted to pull off was clearly delivered (but hoping my photos did too) :D hihihi...

It is really fun doing shoots for online shops/stylists and i loooove doing it. One thing i hate is that editing photos is like a curse, it is actually tempting me to buy or i got jealous :'( but it is also to my advantage to see the items first! hahaha >.<

I really had a great time working with thriftgasm/Guada and Diane and hoping to do shoots with them in the future, even if it means rolling again in the streets! :* thanks Guads! (we rolled together by the way!) 


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