Saturday, November 26, 2011

the slumbering beast

A strange wind blows from the east ~
It awakens the slumbering beast.
When nightmares overtake my sleep
And into dreams the monsters creep.

The trees lower their boughs in fear
As the darkness grows ever near.
The morning sun seems far away
While I listen to demons play.

I hear a creak upon the stair,
But when I look, no one is there.
Echoes of laughter haunt the hall.
It is just the wind... and that is all.

I can not hear what words are said
By the voices underneath my bed.
They shall never coax me to peek
From beneath the safety of my sheet.

The tapping on my window pane
Is naught but fingers of the rain.
Night's creatures are merely trees,
 The shadowy faces only leaves.

I lay me down again to sleep
With childish prayers my soul to keep,
And breathless wait the break of day
When all the ghosts will go away.

-A child's nightmare-

Friday, November 25, 2011

broken strings

"A broken bone can heal, but the wound a word opens can fester forever." 

models: Clyde Matugas and Nabz Alesna
make up by Mariz Rivera and coco
clothes by Shop Metamorphosiis

more photos at:

ENJOY! ^_^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

living the dream

I got excited while editing this set. It is peaceful, quiet and.. i dunno, it felt sincere... ^_^

the place is enchanting that the moment we saw it.. we fell in love with it! --- and then a guard came over and told us to have a permit first! -shattereddreams :'( haha but we did pull through though ^ ^

models: Clyde Matugas and Nabz Alesna (will be posting nabzs' in another blog)
mua/stylist: Mariz Rivera
assisted by: Rowenn 
clothes by: metamorphosiis

some behind the scenes:

for more photos, please visit:

and you can visit metamorphosiis at

ENJOY! ^_^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I did a shoot for thriftgasm - at last! and it was my first time to arrive first >.< HA! -but being alone at plaza independencia was a bit scary :'(

so here are the photos... ENJOY!

model: Diane Cui Alesna
styling: Guada Calledo
clothes: thriftagsm shop

I honestly don't know what set to upload coz Diane look gorgeous in all of the sets!

tell me whyyyyy am i in love with this shot? it isn't perfect.. but for me it is! a candid shot! :D

I got really pressured at the beginning of the shoot coz im afraid it won't turn out as what Guada wanted it to look like though i really wanna try those kinds of shots... i mean, i love doing those kinds of shoots! Something like Rumi Neely's! - (fashion stylist). But then as Diane was doing her thing, i got excited and didn't even want to stop hitting the shutter button - She's like Rumi Neely herself! :D
The clothes, styling.. the props! and the concept that Guada wanted to pull off was clearly delivered (but hoping my photos did too) :D hihihi...

It is really fun doing shoots for online shops/stylists and i loooove doing it. One thing i hate is that editing photos is like a curse, it is actually tempting me to buy or i got jealous :'( but it is also to my advantage to see the items first! hahaha >.<

I really had a great time working with thriftgasm/Guada and Diane and hoping to do shoots with them in the future, even if it means rolling again in the streets! :* thanks Guads! (we rolled together by the way!) 


you can visit thriftgasm at:

for more photos please check


Thursday, November 17, 2011


I wanted to have a hair flip shot from every model and shoot i will have.

                                    me                                       lou                                          tiara
                                                      kim                                       ilene                                             jedah
                                    nicole                                          lara                                        patet
                                                   rudylyn                                diane                                          nabz

wala lang.. lingaw2x :D hehe will update soon for more hair flippahs XD hehe

for more photos you can check

ENJOY! ^_^

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

so much for patriotism

Re-editing photos from metamorphosiis' latest shoot and did some experiment with
the editing. For like hours i have not decided on what look is appropriate for the photos but at last i have finally made up my mind. Cinematic - I am not sure if i gave justice to the look but it kinda satisfy me already!

i have uploaded a lot of photos from this set because i dunno, i just love a lot of it :)
So much for patriotism! HAHA clothes were mostly printed with american flags which i think, made it interesting since we Filipinos can't do it with our own Philippine flag. 

behind the scenes: the faces behind shop metamorphosiis

so classes has already started for second semester and i am sooo not ready yet! so here's what i have been doing for the semestral break, t'was quite productive and im so happy! :)

yep! i have been trying to learn editing videos but i don't have any video thing on my cam so i can't really practice. just using AJ's ^_^

also did some photo shoots 

i have also updated my page

and celebrated my birthday :D 
wanted to have a photo booth during my birthday and we end up dancing and recorded it.
t'was sooooooo fun! we head up for some karaoke after :)

did my thesis, chapters 1 and 2 for submission during the first day of class..
breaking out of thesis stress and went out... :)
dinner with nicole from the witch's prodigy 
and OH! attended Gary Mcnight's workshop organized by Macy's
where Aj and i usually buy things for our cams :)
with Gary Mcnight

dinner with friends at Dong Juan after passing chapters 1 and 2 (thesis)

and a fashion show we did for our fashion design class last Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011
 at Ayala Terraces Cebu
the design sketch
and the actual design worn by miss Chantal Vercide on the runway.
Fashion design isn't really my thing but that was a fun and great experience though :)
Tiara and me after the show, had dinner with the group and stayed overnight at the hotel with 
Jay Angelo Belcina. Dierrek and Aj went home early HAHA 
will be uploading some photos for the Fashion Show. I did some shots though i was very busy! 
sorry, can't help it hehe. :)

here's the link for the photos during the fashion show

a sketch i did.
when life has been shutting it's ears with the truth, this is the best way to deliver - it is much more understood. 
"I am thankful for the difficult people in life. They show me exactly who I don't want to be."
and after everything, a beautiful escape to reflect, realize and thank for all the blessings that God has given. Thank for the difficulties we've been and for the lessons we have learned.

Whew! that was loooooong! aahaha anyway, for more photos you can check

ENJOY! ^_^