Sunday, December 4, 2011

love and sorrow

"how much sorrow can you have til you find true love?"

I love surrealism. I love mysteries. I love crazy things.
When i imagine something that i'd love to photograph, sometimes, i draw them or write them down. For so many times i have not achieved the photos that i wanted to have. But now, i have finally figured out what i want in my photos and how to deliver them perfectly. 

Just this morning, i got so hyped up coz an idea popped up and since i didn't have someone to shoot coz my friend tiara is out of town and she is the only one i can call in such short notice, ahahah i decided to just shoot on my own.. but luckily, someone volunteered to pose for me! YEAY! :)

so anyway, here are the photos. ENJOY!

Will have another shoot this thursday! it is my dream shoot so i am very excited. And I have planned more dream shoots too! weeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

for more photos check:

ENJOY! ^_^

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