Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a positive obsession

"Passion is a positive obsession"

hmmm.. I just can't get enough!
I wanted to have a year ender photo. 2011 has been very cruel but just like when we say the line "at the end of the day... well, at the end of this year, the terrible experiences brought out the best in me. A lot of changes have happened, a lot of challenges have gone by and luckily i went through out 2011 alive with a lot of bonuses! yeay! :3

I have been very thankful for everything lately, especially for the opportunities that came and for the people who are always there to support me in any way...

Well, to start off.. i got really passionate about photography and wanted to create something that is beyond imagination, something.. different! At first, i didn't know what exactly and how to deliver these images i wanted to create. I tried doing fashion photography but as time goes by, my hands get tired editing these kinds of photos - i mean no offense to fashion photographers but its just that, I am still not satisfied doing it- I also have tried to shoot for events and same thing happened, i didn't want to go back! But then when AJ bought his camera and some accessories which by the way, i got jealous and fortunately motivated me to not eat and save up for lenses and lights. AJ has been very supportive though and heartily lent me some of his stuffs and also learned a lot of technicalities from him ;)
I am so lucky and fortunate for some people like Tiara who's always been my MUSE! ever since I started this obsession (HAHA) Tiara has always been there to do poses for me. And yeah, to Dierrek too who's very patient in answering my questions lol! and for letting me try some of his awesome gadgets! :D 
And for good friends who kept on believing in me.. Shena, Guada, Jhowboi, Jay, Lou, Deankie.. and mama they are my inspiration and my motivation to keep on going.. through life and through whatever! 

I did this year ender photo as a thanksgiving and an offering of thyself to God. And somehow to look back and realize of how much I have grown.

The "flying" photos are some of my 2009 to 2010 printed works

Here's a PP progress.. hehe just thought of sharing

black BG with an octabox for ambient lighting
(octabox bought from macy's) 
 the photos are separately shot so as to catch
the sense of movement when they are thrown up in the air. haha
and making it scarier. lol made a mood.
(smaller photos are resized to smaller sizes)

3 days more to go before christmas! Have Merry Christmas everyone! ^_^

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