Saturday, December 31, 2011

blank canvas

"When you give him a canvas, you shouldn't tell him exactly how much paint to put on it, or exactly how sharp the images should be. You should let the artist get going"

- Reed Hundt-

From my observation and from my point of view, foreign people (none in particular) are much more open and appreciative of art. I can't help but compare, we Filipinos are still trapped with the standards and the usual.. you know, sometimes, liberation can be used in a good way at the right time, place and of course the right intention.
Yes, I am loving flickr and started to look up to foreign fine art photographers. They are just so lovely and inspiring. They just don't put on their works to the entire world to gather "fans" or boast for their provision of great quality images, they put it on just to share what they have and/or to inspire other people. When we go back to basics, these visual imagery are made because artists, painters, photographers etc. wanted to say something or show something that they cannot verbalize - and that what makes  a canvas SPECIAL-

"The naked dragon"

just thought of giving such title.. it's kinda funny!!! haha and corny.. >.<

things used:
some of the unused red strings with "WIRED" shoot
my camera hehe
ambient lighting.. JUST ambient lighting
black cloth

Tiara (a very good friend of mine) spent her time with us welcoming 2012 since she can't go home to Davao because of of school stuffs. So I was telling her a lot of blahs last night of how certain people deliver artistic imagery nowadays and comparing foreign works to ours. So she told me to blog it.. I hesitated at first but first thing in the morning that is what I actually did. HAHA

THESE ARE JUST MY PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW THOUGH...  so let's cheers to a very wonderful new year! the year of the DRAGON! 

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