Wednesday, May 9, 2012

perper + hiro

An engagement shoot I did for my tita and tito Hiro :)
So we flew to Manila to just have fun and to do their engagement shoot too.
As all you know, I have been wanting to do conceptual engagement shoots, something that the couple reflects their personality or even their personal interests that they share.

So my tita did some shopping, she bought a yukata which Japanese call their garment and for tito Hiro, a barong tagalog! Now you know how fun it is to be with them! and yes! tito Hiro's nationality is Japanese but have been in the Philippines for more or less than 25 years so he's fairly good in speaking in Filipino and Bisaya. He was our tour guide in Manila, it's a shame for us right? A japanese national is touring us pure Filipinos in manila! lol! haha

So anyway, this is just a very simple shoot but with full of LOVE and FUN! and that's what makes it special. A very special memory that is captured through photos. A memory that will always be treasured in our hearts and through a hard copy (printed photos) hahaha :)

So here are the photos! :)

Okay, I'm so sorry for the photo but uuh.. isn't this hilarious???? Cute little baby, I wonder what HE is thinking looking at his uuuh... hahha caught in the act baby! :)

So yeah, that's everything and OH! we stayed and had our shoot at Makati Palace Hotel :) such a nice place too!.. 

My first engagement shoot.. and just what I wanted, an engagement shoot WITH A TWIST! so if you have the weirdest idea for your engagement shoots feel free to contact me at:

let's spread the love.

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