Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heartful Dream

At last, the third set! I did separate the photos and set them according to their moods.. I don't usually do this but I just love the models and their versatility! :) The team really did great! from make up to styling and of course the muses! So thanks everyone for making this a wonderful shoot!!!


"if you find something of interest, don't hesitate to learn it. An extra skill never hurts."

 model: Anne Naquinas
 MUA: Mar Jann Majj Alejandro 
 Hair: Linnon So CHua
 stylist: Guada Mariel
 clothes: Thriftgasm Shop

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I had fun shooting with Anne since she's really flexible, I mean literally!! and she's also very versatile! She can rock on whatever concept she'll be thrown at! I'd really looooove to work again with her.

So that's the last of the set! 

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Friday, May 18, 2012


and because I really had fun working with these two beautiful ladies, here are the photos I love of them!!

 model: Katherine Somosot and Anne Naquinas
 MUA: Mar Jann Majj Alejandro 
 Hair: Linnon So CHua
 stylist: Guada Mariel
 clothes: Thriftgasm Shop

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When The Sun Goes Down

Yeay! I had  fun during the shoot even though we are not prepared.. tsk!

I really love doing a shoot wherein there are lots of grasses.. long ones, short ones.. they just give me that adventurous feel. We'll never go wrong when we are close to nature! lol haha

model: Anne Naquines and Katherine Somosot
 MUA: Mar Jann Majj Alejandro 
 Hair: Linnon So CHua
 stylist: Guada Mariel
 clothes: Thriftgasm Shop

But first!!! watch the video I did :) hehe It's just so simple though!

Anne really looks like Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries! 

Because the shoot was so much fun, even if I don't have that much shots.. but the models were really gorgeous! I just have to post lots of  photos in a separate blog post!!

and here's a behind the scenes video..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

perper + hiro

An engagement shoot I did for my tita and tito Hiro :)
So we flew to Manila to just have fun and to do their engagement shoot too.
As all you know, I have been wanting to do conceptual engagement shoots, something that the couple reflects their personality or even their personal interests that they share.

So my tita did some shopping, she bought a yukata which Japanese call their garment and for tito Hiro, a barong tagalog! Now you know how fun it is to be with them! and yes! tito Hiro's nationality is Japanese but have been in the Philippines for more or less than 25 years so he's fairly good in speaking in Filipino and Bisaya. He was our tour guide in Manila, it's a shame for us right? A japanese national is touring us pure Filipinos in manila! lol! haha

So anyway, this is just a very simple shoot but with full of LOVE and FUN! and that's what makes it special. A very special memory that is captured through photos. A memory that will always be treasured in our hearts and through a hard copy (printed photos) hahaha :)

So here are the photos! :)

Okay, I'm so sorry for the photo but uuh.. isn't this hilarious???? Cute little baby, I wonder what HE is thinking looking at his uuuh... hahha caught in the act baby! :)

So yeah, that's everything and OH! we stayed and had our shoot at Makati Palace Hotel :) such a nice place too!.. 

My first engagement shoot.. and just what I wanted, an engagement shoot WITH A TWIST! so if you have the weirdest idea for your engagement shoots feel free to contact me at:

let's spread the love.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Let me tour you to my wonderland.. chos! I'm no Athena, but these gorgeous ladies are her descendants! So yeah, we had a shoot yesterday together with..

HMUA: CRISSY YONGCO (click on the link to view her works!) 
assisted by Issa Laya-og
MODELS: Clarivel Bandejas, Kia Villamor and Jonna Alesna of figura group of models
STYLING BY: Issa Laya-og

I have been obsessing with wonderland, flowers, dreamy photos and  other mystical, surreal visual images. So then one day, when RJ Ouano of photomercs, Albert Joey Alojipan and I are having some chit chat, we decided to have a shoot just like what we did a long time ago with my group (BLACKLIST prod.) wherein we organize everything and send invites to photographers, the goal was to showcase our hmuas, stylists, photogs and models.. most especially, our concepts and designs.. but that didn't push through for some unavoidable circumstances. Then It STOPPED.

days before, I have been asking for people to team up with me for a concept shoot, I told them this is just a fun shoot but for me, I don't want it to be JUST a fun shoot! So I invited some of the closest photographer friends I have.. and Issa for the models (clarivel bandejas is a freelance model)

and of course, I contacted personally miss Crissy Young to do the hair and make up.. I honestly love her works because I know she opens her mind to something different and something not the usual. (though this concept is kinda "the usual") hehe.. Check out her works HERE!