Thursday, March 29, 2012

The After Party

I was mesmerized by the models' hair, height and skin! 
While editing these set, I remembered a video clip made by an American residing here in the Philippines talking about the 20 things he hate about in our homeland. Well, most of it were true especially when he points out those whitening creams and lotions that were ridiculously sold in stores. I realized that our color is beautiful and if we just take good care of it, nourish it with the right chemicals, then we might boast the beauty of a Filipino/a in the entire world. HA! 

Models: Mandy and Torie Ingram
hair and make up by: Allen Soco
Styled  by: Issa Laya-og
assisted by: Tita Etchie Obenque Ylaya Tabasa

Anyway, in this shoot, I did something new. I did this thing called strobing.. Well, I'm not really a fan because it is already overused by so many!!! but still is a beautiful lighting though.. So yeah, I had fun and I learned that in a space where "beautiful junks" are around (huge and small), using strobe lighting is a very challenging thing to do!!! - I think you already know why!!! hahaha

So I hope you all did ENJOY! more sets coming up!

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