Sunday, March 25, 2012

barely there: NATURALIZER

Did this for our final project in art of display subject.

So we are tasked to look for a shop and my group mate John Ray Rosario found a couple, and we decided to go for NATURALIZER, ayala. Naturalizer is a brand for women's shoes.. 

So we decided to create a design that speaks the soul of the brand and that is it's simplicity, design and most especially COMFORT.

So how do we do this?


 After we printed the tarp, Shena and John used double adhesive to stick it on
the Styrofoam that we bought. Then John manually, yes! MANUALLY cut the edges using a
very sharp cutter! :))) 
 Top outline finish! 

Clyve making fun at Tiara's face haha
 After it has been cut out, we then head to Naturalizer, Ayala to finish off our display!
 Shena and John fixing the adhesives...
 Our manager, AJ giving instructions LOL! (just kidding)

And Finally! It's DONE! :)

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