Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Impossibility does not exist

"The Reality, Imagination and Beyond"

I once attempted to create a website for my photographs a very long time ago but I didn't push through. So now, I have finally made it!

check it out here:

Imagination is our greatest gift and creating an image which is beyond someone's imagination or something not the ordinary, is what I love.

There are no words that I can describe of how passionate I am with my positive obesession, and that is photography.

Photography is a never ending journey, it lead me to the path of self satisfaction and happiness. It gave me peace of mind and opened my eyes of what is true and not. It is also my daily dose of inspiration.

And through photographs, I realized that "impossibility" does not exist.

A before and after photo. This is a kind of editing that I don't usually do since I think it eventually appears to a more "cartoon-ish" type. But sometimes, I do give it a shot though this isn't my forte I just tried to see if I can do some thing like this in editing.

There's a very known photographer in Cebu who I think is the best too, that has an editing style that I tried to follow in this photo HAHAHA and just what they say, a copy will always be a copy.. it can never imitate every detail of the original.

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