Monday, March 5, 2012


accessory shoot for Jamie Zanoria

Upon hearing K's proposal (accessory shoot, topless and muds) I directly said YES!!!
Little did I know that there will be exotic pets that will be joining us! and I got really thrilled! (well, I'm not sure if tiara was thrilled as well) hehe
I love shoots like this.. something that isn't the usual or going beyond possibilities. 
The concept (by K's) was really great plus the people who made everything possible from hair and make up, accessories (of course!), the model and the directing.

James Canete did Tiara's make up and  hair (yes! It's MUD!). We just love how amazing and still humble james is.. maybe that is why he got so much blessings :) 

and to my ever dearest friend, my "go to model" Tiara Sison who obviously did the modeling.. without any biases, Tiara is exceptionally great when it comes to any kinds of shoot! whether topless or not, she can understand very well any concept that she'll be modeling- which for me, is very important when it comes to fashion and conceptual photography. She's someone you'll also love during the whole shoot!!!

Jamie Zanoria's accessory designs, well the highlight of it all! Jamie brought exotic animals to somehow give a twist and to present where the inspiration is coming from. I really love how organic and sustainable the materials used are!!! They are just so beautiful, every piece is a statement wherein it can be remembered.

And of course to the one who headed everything! from the concept and gathering a team to do this shoot! K Miranda.. I really love K's idea of the shoot. Muds, insects and accessories may have been applied to shoots already but he gave it a new look. I love how he played with the materials available and incorporate them to something that will be new to everyone's eyes.. and not sacrificing the emphasizing of the accessories which is the main point of the shoot. 

Whew! that was loooooooooooooong! haha
so here are the photos. 

Our group photos and some behind the scenes!
Jamie Zanoria, K, Tiara, me and angelika

It was a very fun and a very great experience, me and Tiara will never forget! Well, maybe because of the exotic insects!! ahaha 


K Miranda said...

thank you!!:)))))) it was great working with you:)))) hope to work with you soon:DDDD

barbethlobitana said...

Thank you too K!!! :)