Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Beauty of Simplicity

It has been such a very long time since I last posted something conceptual, something really personal and something surreal! I have been invited to shoots lately (as you all have noticed) and mostly they are beauty/fashion shoots. I honestly did some shoots on my own but unfortunately, maybe.. I am not just that, you know.. inspired? or my mind was clouded to so many things that I haven't thought/edit something different.

"Sometimes our thoughts are so clouded with so many things that we often forgot the beauty of simplicity"

Every conceptual shoots I had are so easy to shoot and to edit, I mean I'd always say this that if you already have a concept in mind and if you have picture the wanted outcome of the plan.. then there's no hassle in everything! You could have even just take a shot of 1 or 2 then you are done. But in this case, just out of the blue, when I was browsing old set of photos I have come to have an idea upon seeing a photo of me with my eyes weirdly looking up (I don't care if I look crazy haha) and said to myself "what If I'll incorporate a broken bulb?" to symbolize strong thoughts or clouded ones that are about to blow up! then there.. a new conceptual shot was born! wahahah
Well, of course there are photos in the net which you can see that has the same concept with this photo.. I, myself have seen this kind of photo for quite a very long time already but we all do have versions of it.. and also, as long as you don't follow the whole thing especially the elements of the said photos! ;)

So, here's mine!

Oh how I miss editing these kinds of photos!!! and it felt like having another new creation!!! hmmm :)

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