Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Keeper

Did another shoot for THRIFTAGSM by Guada Mariel

A very very simple planned indoor shoot styled by Guada Mariel..
 Little Bvck (hmua) did Kirsten's (model) hair and make up.

During the shoot, I realized that my battery was about to get empty.. not because I failed to charge it but because my charger or battery already has a defect that I need to buy one or to buy a battery grip already! Good thing little Bvck always has his dslr with him and luckily, it is the same brand as mine, CANON! So I just used his camera and paired it with the lens I brought and a Nissin mark II Di622 speed light. It may not be the same as I planned but good thing the photos came out just OK. :)

As what I sometimes or perhaps most of the time experienced, there are always things that won't go as planned, most especially if you are not that ready enough or simply you don't have much gadget with you. And the most important thing you could possibly do is to be resourceful!!! - I remembered when I was still in my 2nd/3rd year High School, during our science lab activity, our group failed to bring a certain material that should be needed for our experiment.. then I thought of something.. I got a masking tape, used the round part of it and taped the other hollow half in order for us to have a shallow container  (that should be used in our experiment) to pour water inside. We may have had a container but it didn't work out since the water leaked. But the thing is, our teacher got impressed (somehow!!! lol) because we did manage to try and be resourceful yet that does not change the fact that we still fail our experiment because of the lack of preparation.

As I believed that preparation is the key... hmmm... uuuh.. I also believed that Experience is the best teacher! hahahaha well, at least I learned something!

I'm not really a fan of layouts but uuh.. sometimes I find it proper and neat! There are photographers who are really good in layouting -unfortunately, im not one of them! hehe :)


Davidassin said...

actually you are among the few photographers that i so idolize when it comes to editing photos ..

i so love this set :)

Hannah L. Magsayo said...

awww. This set is cute!! :)

barbethlobitana said...

Thank you Issa! :) SO MUCH! and also thanks always for believing! :)

barbethlobitana said...

Thanks Hannah! followed you! I love your photos! :))

Anonymous said...

Ahmmmm? Hiwi ang kilay?