Friday, April 27, 2012

Tinker bell's boyfie!

hahaha Just had fun tweaking this up in photoshop!.. This was taken two years ago? I think? and never have posted this anywhere!!!.. So yeah, this photo was shot by my Canon EOS 1000D! Now that's a memory.. 
Browsing through my old photos made me think and realize that I have been into photography for quite a very long time already. I can still remember that time when if you have a DSLR, you are already "something" and slowly as time goes by people are using it as an accessory going to malls and like using it as a social status symbol LOL! (that's why I don't usually carry my camera a lot, coz I don't like people looking at me, it is really awkward!) 

So yeah, I first had my DSLR camera when I was in first year college (USC) and now, it has already been 4 years.. well that 3 years was quite an on and off practice though due to some school stuffs! 

here's a before and after photo



Bia S. said...

me too! I find it really awkward when bringing my camera on malls. i hate it especially when some people are slinging it to their neck like a necklace...
wow you should make photoshop tutorials! :) nice tweak!

barbethlobitana said...

thanks Bia! :) Im not that really patient when doing a step by step tutorial.. uuuh I have tried it but never really did detail editing.. might do it some
time though! :) Thanks for dropping by...