Sunday, April 15, 2012

CITYSCAPE : city escape

Maybe the most jpegs I have used to create a photo. My personal shoots (conceptuals) are mostly in photo manipulation. For a day, I have edited two photos (maybe I super missed doing conceptual/manipulation edits).
 When I was in Cagayan de oro, my cousins and I slept on a tent that our uncles have put up for us (hmmm.. family ^_^ ), while my aunt gave us a lamp, we want to have some shots of us in the tent since somehow there's an ambient light from the lamp! We really had fun during that night, taking a lot of shots, did a lot of "story tellings" until we passed out! lol! 

So when I took this shot, I then have pictured out a concept, and this is exactly the what I thought of!

I grew up in Cebu City where time is greater than gold, where the pressure is pressing you hard that sometimes all you want to do is run until you just lie around grasping for air.. I grew up in a place where all of the things and people surrounding me cannot stay still.. I live in a place where everything seems so fast and sometimes things does not have any sense anymore.

As I have experienced this all (we all did), sometimes before I go to sleep or even riding on a jeepney, I always think of nature, of mountains, of plants, of sands and beaches! I'd even tell my friends that I can live in a place like that.. with my laptop, phone, internet, and most especially my camera and gadgets, I can already live each day hehe. But life's not that easy though.. I just felt great that for 5 days I have managed to escape from all the stressors in my life. lol and still wanting more days in places close to nature! :)

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