Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One lazy afternoon...

One lazy afternoon...

People's faces fascinates me and that is one reason why I am not really into fashion photography... hmmm I am more like into portrait/beauty/conceptual photography. 

"They’re nice to look at—but really, there’s not much there: they have nothing else to say except declare their cuteness."

I just read an article talking about the art of photography and of a certain photographer. A 100% YES to everything that he stated especially the one I quoted above. I admire people, photographers in certain, who have their own style.. those who are not much concern about so much technicalities and such but those whose photographs that can be directly identified without even their watermarks on. Well, it is really easy to have a particular style/technique but the hardest thing is how you make that style/technique consistent - lucky to those who already have found their style that could also label their work as theirs.  

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