Friday, April 27, 2012

Tinker bell's boyfie!

hahaha Just had fun tweaking this up in photoshop!.. This was taken two years ago? I think? and never have posted this anywhere!!!.. So yeah, this photo was shot by my Canon EOS 1000D! Now that's a memory.. 
Browsing through my old photos made me think and realize that I have been into photography for quite a very long time already. I can still remember that time when if you have a DSLR, you are already "something" and slowly as time goes by people are using it as an accessory going to malls and like using it as a social status symbol LOL! (that's why I don't usually carry my camera a lot, coz I don't like people looking at me, it is really awkward!) 

So yeah, I first had my DSLR camera when I was in first year college (USC) and now, it has already been 4 years.. well that 3 years was quite an on and off practice though due to some school stuffs! 

here's a before and after photo


The Time Traveller

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back"

Time and technology.. I have observed of how time flies so fast when we are facing our computers or laptops, Ipads and Iphones but so slow when we do household chores, reading, studying and sometimes, even in travelling. And I thought, is this a good thing? or bad?
Teenagers nowadays sleeps very late at night just browsing through facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, blogs etc. and usually wakes up.during noon time.. and I'm guilty, as charged! hehe but then, from my point of view, we somehow learn things in the internet - research is one, and teens usually do businesses online already - but my only problem is that its seems like my 24 hours is not enough to do the things I want to do!!! (am I the only one feeling this?) Oh well as what they always say, we have so many things to do.. but has so little time. 

And that is why I value my time so much! Life is too short to dwell on negativity, though it is inevitable, but maybe seeing things in a positive way will do you so much better!!! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

vintage classic

 another shoot with figura group of models 

models: Torie and Mandy Ingram
styled by: Issa layaog
hair and make up by: Allen Soco

with tita etchie ^_^

and some behind the scenes!!! too bad I wasn't able to have a group shot with the team! tsk! 

Issa and allen  doing their thing! :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Contour and Highlights (before and after)

Yeay! didn't expect my FACEBOOK PAGE would reach 600 likes! THANK YOU!! and for that, I'd give some before and after of my post processing! 

So you all know how I play so much with photoshop right? and yes, I usually use my self portraits because if i'd use someone else's or a model's, they might get offended with the edits. Editing is just my game though, I play a lot with it. So yeah, here's some of it, actually my latest experiment.. hmmm

I find this very tiresome hehe since I got to do the workflow on each photo.. Detailing is a very important thing while I am editing just like what I do when I render my perspective plates hehe Anyway, here's a detail before and after!! :)

so first, I usually do the eyes. As what they always say, the eyes are the windows of our soul.. For me, It's kind of the same with photos, the eyes makes an entire image pops and stands out! and then, just like doing make ups, I fill out the eye brows (some make up artists give much more importance to the eyebrows, and mostly, with girls)

probably one of the most important detailing.. the image below is lined with the color green to emphasize which part I usually do the contouring (make up artists always do this!) So basically, all those parts which has shades will also be part of the contouring aside from the basic parts which are the side parts of the nose, lower part of the cheeks and it's side and the crease part of the eyes.. 

note: contouring parts of the face may vary with the face's shape.

warning: this can make you old and grungy if not used properly!!!

and lastly, HIGHLIGHTING
one very important step too because this can dramatically change and lifts up the model's face.

the most important parts that should be highlighted are the above the eyebrows the outer most part below the eyebrows, eyes, nose bridge, the cheeks and the above part of the lip.

So there.. hehe hope I did share something hehe.. :) 

So the point is just to highlight the areas that are closest to the camera and contour the the spaces where it is farthest from the camera. And of course, it will always vary with the different shapes of a persons' face

and for the record? you wouldn't say photoshop is cheating since when you do your make ups already or even doing a portrait drawing/painting it's just the same as doing it digitally.. well, as long as you don't use the "liquify" tool! LOL!

so yeah, I got really hooked with INSTAGRAM!!!
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from me and COCO! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

CITYSCAPE : city escape

Maybe the most jpegs I have used to create a photo. My personal shoots (conceptuals) are mostly in photo manipulation. For a day, I have edited two photos (maybe I super missed doing conceptual/manipulation edits).
 When I was in Cagayan de oro, my cousins and I slept on a tent that our uncles have put up for us (hmmm.. family ^_^ ), while my aunt gave us a lamp, we want to have some shots of us in the tent since somehow there's an ambient light from the lamp! We really had fun during that night, taking a lot of shots, did a lot of "story tellings" until we passed out! lol! 

So when I took this shot, I then have pictured out a concept, and this is exactly the what I thought of!

I grew up in Cebu City where time is greater than gold, where the pressure is pressing you hard that sometimes all you want to do is run until you just lie around grasping for air.. I grew up in a place where all of the things and people surrounding me cannot stay still.. I live in a place where everything seems so fast and sometimes things does not have any sense anymore.

As I have experienced this all (we all did), sometimes before I go to sleep or even riding on a jeepney, I always think of nature, of mountains, of plants, of sands and beaches! I'd even tell my friends that I can live in a place like that.. with my laptop, phone, internet, and most especially my camera and gadgets, I can already live each day hehe. But life's not that easy though.. I just felt great that for 5 days I have managed to escape from all the stressors in my life. lol and still wanting more days in places close to nature! :)

The Beauty of Simplicity

It has been such a very long time since I last posted something conceptual, something really personal and something surreal! I have been invited to shoots lately (as you all have noticed) and mostly they are beauty/fashion shoots. I honestly did some shoots on my own but unfortunately, maybe.. I am not just that, you know.. inspired? or my mind was clouded to so many things that I haven't thought/edit something different.

"Sometimes our thoughts are so clouded with so many things that we often forgot the beauty of simplicity"

Every conceptual shoots I had are so easy to shoot and to edit, I mean I'd always say this that if you already have a concept in mind and if you have picture the wanted outcome of the plan.. then there's no hassle in everything! You could have even just take a shot of 1 or 2 then you are done. But in this case, just out of the blue, when I was browsing old set of photos I have come to have an idea upon seeing a photo of me with my eyes weirdly looking up (I don't care if I look crazy haha) and said to myself "what If I'll incorporate a broken bulb?" to symbolize strong thoughts or clouded ones that are about to blow up! then there.. a new conceptual shot was born! wahahah
Well, of course there are photos in the net which you can see that has the same concept with this photo.. I, myself have seen this kind of photo for quite a very long time already but we all do have versions of it.. and also, as long as you don't follow the whole thing especially the elements of the said photos! ;)

So, here's mine!

Oh how I miss editing these kinds of photos!!! and it felt like having another new creation!!! hmmm :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Keeper

Did another shoot for THRIFTAGSM by Guada Mariel

A very very simple planned indoor shoot styled by Guada Mariel..
 Little Bvck (hmua) did Kirsten's (model) hair and make up.

During the shoot, I realized that my battery was about to get empty.. not because I failed to charge it but because my charger or battery already has a defect that I need to buy one or to buy a battery grip already! Good thing little Bvck always has his dslr with him and luckily, it is the same brand as mine, CANON! So I just used his camera and paired it with the lens I brought and a Nissin mark II Di622 speed light. It may not be the same as I planned but good thing the photos came out just OK. :)

As what I sometimes or perhaps most of the time experienced, there are always things that won't go as planned, most especially if you are not that ready enough or simply you don't have much gadget with you. And the most important thing you could possibly do is to be resourceful!!! - I remembered when I was still in my 2nd/3rd year High School, during our science lab activity, our group failed to bring a certain material that should be needed for our experiment.. then I thought of something.. I got a masking tape, used the round part of it and taped the other hollow half in order for us to have a shallow container  (that should be used in our experiment) to pour water inside. We may have had a container but it didn't work out since the water leaked. But the thing is, our teacher got impressed (somehow!!! lol) because we did manage to try and be resourceful yet that does not change the fact that we still fail our experiment because of the lack of preparation.

As I believed that preparation is the key... hmmm... uuuh.. I also believed that Experience is the best teacher! hahahaha well, at least I learned something!

I'm not really a fan of layouts but uuh.. sometimes I find it proper and neat! There are photographers who are really good in layouting -unfortunately, im not one of them! hehe :)

One lazy afternoon...

One lazy afternoon...

People's faces fascinates me and that is one reason why I am not really into fashion photography... hmmm I am more like into portrait/beauty/conceptual photography. 

"They’re nice to look at—but really, there’s not much there: they have nothing else to say except declare their cuteness."

I just read an article talking about the art of photography and of a certain photographer. A 100% YES to everything that he stated especially the one I quoted above. I admire people, photographers in certain, who have their own style.. those who are not much concern about so much technicalities and such but those whose photographs that can be directly identified without even their watermarks on. Well, it is really easy to have a particular style/technique but the hardest thing is how you make that style/technique consistent - lucky to those who already have found their style that could also label their work as theirs.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Lovely Maiden

"Get mesmerized by her stare and her smile"

OH YES! She's my ever lovely cousin.. Rhea.
We had so much fun doing shoots!

hair and make up done by: Jhelvy Pabriga
model: Rhea
clothes by: Auntie Perper :D
assisted by: Noreen Maida and Yuri (dog)

We had this shoot at Cagayan with our other cousins too! It was so much fun and it was also my longest vacation I ever had.. though I really really want to stay still :(

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Another doll-like model from a shoot I had with FGM! :) 
I love Torie Ingram's look! she can be high fashion or commercial! 
VERSATILE, best describes Torie (and of course as what everyone else said too)..

model: Miss Torie Ingram
with Issa Laya-og (FGM) 

aside from colorful hairs, I also love to shoot models with a doll - like beauty! For me it's mystical, magical and whimsical.. I dunno, they just seem so enticing! :)