Saturday, February 25, 2012

for charity

And finally, we've met and had our shoot!!! thank you so much charity for the trust! :)

It feels really good when you are with the teens.. I always do feel young again! LOL!
So despite of the ravishing heat of the sun we still managed to continue and finish our shoot. Luckily, Charity never fails to give that sweet smile.. ^_^

I haven't figured out why the large images gets desaturated here in blogger... :(
so anyway, here's the real tone of the photos! 

Here are some behind the scenes of the shoot. Funny thing is that I find them so cute (Charity and Kenji) together that I always snap a photo of them. Maybe because I really have this long time obsession with themed engagement shoots!!! Oh well.. I have been planning for it already! ;)

 Aren't they sweet and cute? hehe thank you again charity! Til next time! :)

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