Wednesday, January 18, 2012

juxtaposition of reality and beyond

"Unexpected Juxtaposition of Reality and beyond"
I love how our minds think of the strangest things we could think about!

For years that I have been enjoying and at the same time seeking of where in the field of photography I fit in, I have finally found the perfect course.. and that is surrealism and maybe, deconstructivism. The thing that I love most about these two is that there are no limitations in anything that you can think about, and the best part is the process of analytically thinking of how to produce or deliver the most "impossible" images in your mind.

I find this interesting and fun because every minute, every second and just by looking at an object, you can already think of a lot of images, possibilities and process to achieve a certain output! and each day, you can visualize tons of images that are unique and original. Well, speaking of originality.. we can't get away that sometimes we want to try a certain output that we see in other's works but for me, it is called making your own version of it and/or making an image that is an inspiration from a certain image, idea or writing. (well perhaps as long as you do credits and not claiming it as your original idea) hehe..

come to think about it! Nothing really is original, right? Not even Picasso or the greatest artists has original works, all of it were inspired from nature, the natural beauty of nature and of course humans! no wonder that their paintings involved naked people- hehe..

Whew! so much for the rants and blahs! hahaha So then when I started this thing, I want to have a consistency of moods with all my photos, so I have made a mood book which I call "PhotobiBLe" (the name I once used as a watermark when I was still learning)...

yep! its a black notebook Aj bought me ^_^

I also have made a compilation of some of the photos I did and made it as a new layout of my twitter account and my new welcome landing tab on my facebook fan page!!! 

The tag line "Unexpected Juxtaposition of Reality and Beyond" somehow sums up about my images. And I am using it forever. hehehe..

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