Wednesday, January 4, 2012

her lovely bones

"She could have flew, She could have soared up high towards that paradise sky..."
but she didn't because she can't.. she can't because she has to take care of her responsibilities.. 

Funny how sometimes we take for granted our mothers, how we sometimes talk back to them and how we not acknowledge their hard work nor their preparation of our breakfast every morning. 

Mothers do sacrifice a lot for their "youngs" especially those who are already mothers at a very young age. They could have attend all parties in town, buy their favorite expensive make ups, bags, shoes.. or do whatever they want to do. But they can't do everything because they willingly or perhaps unconsciously gave everything for their babies.

So this is what this photo is all about. The woman in the picture represents the young mothers and of how lovely they are. The red twigs are their wings and those "egg-like" balls are their responsibilities, their babies. The bottom part is that, our mothers are happy loving us, seeing us grow and taking care of us. I think, we sometimes just need to acknowledge and appreciate them.. even if it is just telling them of how beautiful they are every day.

This photo is dedicated to all the lovely young mothers out there.. most especially to the loveliest woman I know, MY MOTHER.

Things used:
  • mask
  • white twigs that I painted in red
  • Styrofoam balls that I also painted in red
  • black cloth
  • octabox (ambient light) - bought from Macy's Camera shop

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