Thursday, January 5, 2012

embracing individuality

"We all have our own differences, the important thing is to 
respect each one.."

thought of starting a photo series about embracing individuality... 

I think it is good to have a photo that gives a message to the people. Even fashion photos, it always has a reason behind those beautiful images. So I just had my rebirth series which includes rebirth, the art of letting go and levitation (breaking free). Since I got fascinated with human forms lately, I'd love to have a photo series which speaks about individuality, respecting each one and accepting our uniqueness.

This photo talks about embracing it's own individuality. It is about acceptance and
seeing our self worth. This kind of photograph is just an inspiration from the different artists that have actually used the same process/concept. Just like levitation, I thought of doing my own version of it.

I have posted this photo already.. this is a special one.

I am looking forward to have more photos on this set.. anyone wants to participate? hehe :)

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