Monday, January 16, 2012

WARNING:bad post

Maybe I lack inspiration, perhaps tired with this week.. running errands and things that I have to attend to. Oh how timid I am lately with snapping up photos *sigh I am not loving this photo, or maybe not really satisfied since I spent a lot of time looking for a good photo and tweaking this up in photoshop. Or maybe its me? It's hard to do self portraits especially when you're alone.. and it is really better if I have someone who can pose for me. And oh yeah, spent the whole day cleaning my room too! sheeeesh.. 
So here it is.. maybe this week or next, I can have a better photo with the same technique. ^_^

2 light source were used, an octabox (bought from Macy's camera shop) for the ambient lighting and a Di622 mark II flash. 

 I used spongebob to adjust focus :3 bwahahhaha

and here are some of the photos, these are unedited! 

Yep! I find lens flare cool, that is why I don't usually use lens hood. And these lens flares are not edited.

It is really fun incorporating what I learn in interior design for four years, in photography.. from principles of design, proportions, symmetrical, asymmetrical, rules of third, focal point (emphasis), LIGHTING!, setting up, materials used to create certain effects or just being resourceful and use what you have around the house.. same as what I learned in materials and resources (though I don't do good) hehehe.. 
I believe that in interior design, we incorporate and create.. and that goes with photography too. 

From planning to analyzing to visualizing certain results or effects... Oh how I love interior design and photography! How I wish I can marry the two... but hey! I think I am in the process of marrying my two loviesss ^_^ Maybe, just maybe.. without my four years in interior design, I can't appreciate and understand photography more like how I am adoring it now.

Might do this again with someone to pose for me already! HAHAHAHA anyone? ;)

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