Friday, February 24, 2012



sometimes we can associate dark as our failures in life.. well, this is because I have been hearing a lot of it lately and kind of had a realization after I watched the latest episode of GLEE lol (t'was inspiring though) so anyway.. sometimes the greatest opportunity is when we get stumbled right down through the ground (hard fall? hehe) we don't realize that every failure, there's a certain light.. there's a certain opportunity.. there's a certain catch to a new thing and maybe that leads you through satisfaction and great opportunity in life. We should not compare our hardships and sacrifices even our success to anyone because each one of us has our  different struggles, pains and happiness.

I know it's a bit confusing that sometimes I do deliver dark photos and sometimes a clean and lighter mood. Maybe it is what we call alter ego or something in our subconscious? but I am pretty sure that the dark images are my "babies" something that I am very comfortable with...

I find dark images as a very challenging thing to do since you have to IMAGINE, PLAN, TRY (trial and error) and finally EXECUTE the final and perfect plan and of course.. editing follows. Talking about editing, hmmm one thing is that if I executed the plan very very well and I have a  clear thought of what the image should look like then it is an easy breeze, especially doing the editing that sometimes it would not take me an hour or even a half to do so. But if the execution fails then the editing is too HAHA it would take me a day and worst not do it at all! :O


CLOUD - 10% edited
LIGHT (series) - 10% edited 
MOOD - 10% edits
ME - 70% edited LOL 
it is because I had a hard time positioning myself and composing myself in relation to the clouds.. and blending the colors of the skin too. sheeeesh

In this case, I somehow tried to play with "how to do" clouds.. This is not the desired look I want to create so that means I failed with the execution. But I was more focused with the clouds. This is actually a test shot because I want to try how this cloud thing works! and voila! though I failed with the entire image, I am  100% confident with my achievement with the cloud! yeay! :)

so here's the cloud I did
 and I look stupid, awkward and funny! ahahaha

I think I failed because of the lighting.. for some reason I had a hard time positioning the light that is why the lighting differs coz I kept on changing and moving it (you can see the cloud photo and mine's, its different)

So yeah, here's the before and after photos.. Have you figured out what material I used for the cloud? ;)

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