Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hit the summer's HEAT!

Hit the summer's heat with K Miranda's styling, Shyra Quimbi's hair and make up and of course the gorgeous models from FGM by Issa Laya-og  -

 Kia Villamor
 Ram Termulo 
Paul Abal

So this is actually just the first set and will just update the other two sets later!

here are some behind the scenes/fun times from the shoot.
The fun and laughs while during the shoot is truly priceless! Thanks guys for inviting me and for the fun experience
 Shyra and Kia
 Shyra, Kia, issa and kevin
issa, Kia and Kevin

Kia and Shyra having fun!!! with Paul and Kevin
*group photo to be updated..



Gelianne Alba said...

Wow, you are one heck of a photographer. nice shots!!!

barbethlobitana said...

aweee.. thanks Gelianne!!! :)