Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail"

Just lately, I have been wondering of how money sometimes or perhaps most of the time, make wonders. 
Does money give us everything nowadays? Is work easier if we have a lot of money?

Well, maybe yes! This has been bugging my mind lately.. If the rich can afford everything and anything, and the poor still has to work hard for whatever riches they try to have, then life is truly unfair. But then, this is quite the usual scenery and situation, we Filipinos are in. I am just so amaze of how money can do so much wonders!!!hahaha For me, it is MAGIC.. it is even more powerful than the magic of photoshop lol!!!! haha 

We have been dictated of what are our limitations and freedom by the amount of money we have, or by the social status we belong... Just last sunday, me and some of my friends went to Simala to ask whatever we want to ask from Mother Mary (well, giving a lot of highlights with the passing of thesis).. while in the car, I was enjoying the beautiful "greens" I am seeing, the animals and breathtaking views, I told myself that I can live in a place like this with my laptop, camera and phone. I won't even care if I live in a Nipa Hut -seriously! It simply shut down all my worries.. Anyway, the bottom part is that we have our own comfort zones, some may be contented in a quiet and simple lifestyle.. others may want a very extravagant home but the most important is that we are happy, we are learning, we work hard for whatever we want to have and live with no regrets.

Do You Really Wanna Know?

Just this afternoon, I thought of making a photograph of what has been bugging my mind.. Thought of painting a part of my face some red just to show how influential money can be and how can it be destructive.. haha anyway, I then remembered that I have an acrylic watercolor and thought of using it- I am a no make up artist but I just used of some material and medium that I am more familiar with. hehe
I am also experimenting on a light set up though Im still using an octabox for the light source, I just did some trial and error on it's placement.. 

So I thought of  sahring some basic PP's but I have failed to save some photo process as I get along with editing :O maybe next time.. hahaha

so I seldom use smoothen skin in lightroom but it's the best so far, it's just that I sometimes get tired opening up lightroom HAHA there are some other enhancement software too like alien skin, silver efex pro.. but I don't usually use them since I don't like presets..
I grabbed this jpeg from the internet

change the money's mode into multiply and hit CTRL+T to transform the money jpeg and click the one that I highlighted with red and just adjust and let it follow the contour of the face
 then you play with it's opacity.. hehe

Will do better with this next time :D 

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