Thursday, February 2, 2012

out of the BOX

"The battle between reality and imagination"
but what really is "real"? 

When I started to do some weird images, I somehow come to ask myself and evaluate of how will this affect my lifestyle and my past goals and of where will this take me. Practicality wise, I am so left behind.. but living life.. happiness.. I am so rich with it right now. 
Competition, been hearing a lot about it lately though I, myself was a competitor due to school stuffs.. well not in a bad way though coz all of us were competing or more like has this competing instinct! haha.. But then I stopped coz it became unhealthy not only to me but to my friends too! Everyone is trying to prove themselves that they are better than the others, seriously.. I'm sick and tired with all those! That is why I am now proving myself that I can do more and better and not trying to prove something to everyone - this will definitely eat you alive!

If you just do what you love and not minding other's businesses, life will always be simple and happy..

I say, "I'll leave all those competing things to you, just please.. leave me alone" ahahaha this photo does not relate to what I just rant.. but I thought of giving it a story about competition and stuffs LOL!

this is another photo that I love from this set.. made it as a behind the scene photo haha since Aj's face is in it.. (upper left) Shena said it is creepy, haha but oh well, I love it! :)


since, we don't have any glass material that is used within our home.. I thought of buying a clear glass from KIMA - it is very cheap coz I tried to buy types of glasses from them.. anyway, so I had a spare 11"x15" picture frame and used the glass in it. I let Aj checked the focus and let him hold the glass for me then sprayed an LCD cleaning solution just so the glass won't smudged after using.. ;) hehe
So there.. I used a single light (octabox) and my 50mm 1.8 lens (or as what they call it, the plastic fantasy), I set my shutter speed low to capture the blur and moving effect when I do some head flipping - yep! kinda funny HAHAHA but the output is scary.. and made the aperture bigger since using a 1.8 would probably blur most of the detail.
The second photo was just desaturated, and yeah.. I am practicing to have a square type photo - its kinda hard and challenging for composition but I'm loving it! 

3 photo sets down, now moving on to PIID photo entry.. ;)

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