Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image"

And yes! no matter how many masks that are piled on you, still the true you will always shine through. No matter how hard you try to lie to yourself and to others, there'll come a time that you can hide it no more!
Just saying! hehe 
spot the not!


I have been wanting to do mimic/reflection photos. I just took the chance (since I am shooting for something with this photo) to take shots with mirrors. And Yes! I dragged my vanity table with it's huge mirror all the way to the north reclamation area. It was very challenging since we have to carry stuffs with us. 

The first photo is a composition of two photos which has different poses from the model (Its is better to use tripod). I did some layering and masking to combine the two and got the result of giving a twist to the usual mirrored image. I added some birds too.. Still needs a lot of practice HAHA

And of course, I did some experimentation of the two photos (upper photo and lower) It has a different touc to it since I like the touches of each photo. hehhe

I love Deankie's face here.. he looks stunning!

P.S -
A lot have been asking of how do I edit the photos and If I have tutorials.. But guys, I am no PRO when it comes to editing and photography.. and I don't have that much time creating tutorials but I promise to try on how to somehow share. :) GOOD LUCK!


Gelianne Alba said...

cool concept! sana i'd be given the honor to be your subject haha.

thanks for dropping by my blog! i'm following your blog now kasi i really love your photography skills :D hope you could follow my blog back if you want to :)


barbethlobitana said...

I'll sure do! thank you! :)

If you can visit cebu.. why not! :)