Friday, January 20, 2012


"I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you"
-Roy Orbison

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.

My camera is my brush, photoshop is my canvas and my medium is my imagination.
They say that if you do a lot of photoshop in an image then you are no photographer well if that's the case, I refuse to be called as one. Im not considering myself as one either. hehehe :) Just like those painters, they created a visual image from their thoughts/imagination to share and preserve their thoughts. Well, photoshop is just like those canvas, its just that, it is already an advance process.

So I have been thinking about flying flames then I saw this jar that is occupying a space and not being used (what a waste of space!) so why not incorporate it with the flames and make it float as well. This photo is a representation of my dreams, I opened myself up to the opportunities, possibilities and even the most impossible things. Each day, each vision that I can think of are just baby steps towards full satisfaction.

things used:

1 octabox 
black backdrop
a jar with a lit candle
me,myself and I and
baby powder (hehe for the smoke effect) try it! it's super fun!
and a sprinkle of imagination

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

juxtaposition of reality and beyond

"Unexpected Juxtaposition of Reality and beyond"
I love how our minds think of the strangest things we could think about!

For years that I have been enjoying and at the same time seeking of where in the field of photography I fit in, I have finally found the perfect course.. and that is surrealism and maybe, deconstructivism. The thing that I love most about these two is that there are no limitations in anything that you can think about, and the best part is the process of analytically thinking of how to produce or deliver the most "impossible" images in your mind.

I find this interesting and fun because every minute, every second and just by looking at an object, you can already think of a lot of images, possibilities and process to achieve a certain output! and each day, you can visualize tons of images that are unique and original. Well, speaking of originality.. we can't get away that sometimes we want to try a certain output that we see in other's works but for me, it is called making your own version of it and/or making an image that is an inspiration from a certain image, idea or writing. (well perhaps as long as you do credits and not claiming it as your original idea) hehe..

come to think about it! Nothing really is original, right? Not even Picasso or the greatest artists has original works, all of it were inspired from nature, the natural beauty of nature and of course humans! no wonder that their paintings involved naked people- hehe..

Whew! so much for the rants and blahs! hahaha So then when I started this thing, I want to have a consistency of moods with all my photos, so I have made a mood book which I call "PhotobiBLe" (the name I once used as a watermark when I was still learning)...

yep! its a black notebook Aj bought me ^_^

I also have made a compilation of some of the photos I did and made it as a new layout of my twitter account and my new welcome landing tab on my facebook fan page!!! 

The tag line "Unexpected Juxtaposition of Reality and Beyond" somehow sums up about my images. And I am using it forever. hehehe..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I can't help but boast.. LOL! just kidding! hehe I can't help but be proud of myself that somehow, I had a part of the first launching of the fabbiest fashion online magazine in town, which is BLANC! I didn't really expect that they'll consider my works in their first launching, I mean.. I look up to this people because of their talents and the thought of considering my work is more than enough for me! This thing is one of the biggest blessings for me this year. I am so thankful!
Funny thing is I always buy magazines, from home, lifestyle.. well not really that much with fashion mags.. but I never really understood what a whole spread is. So then I thought that my works will be just in a page or in a corner of a page.. But to my surprise, I was like, wow it's like pagessssss! HAHAHA

and the best part? My face and my idol's are at the same page! my gosh!!!! :3 haha! I am the luckiest person ever! HA!

you can browse their magazine here!

Monday, January 16, 2012

WARNING:bad post

Maybe I lack inspiration, perhaps tired with this week.. running errands and things that I have to attend to. Oh how timid I am lately with snapping up photos *sigh I am not loving this photo, or maybe not really satisfied since I spent a lot of time looking for a good photo and tweaking this up in photoshop. Or maybe its me? It's hard to do self portraits especially when you're alone.. and it is really better if I have someone who can pose for me. And oh yeah, spent the whole day cleaning my room too! sheeeesh.. 
So here it is.. maybe this week or next, I can have a better photo with the same technique. ^_^

2 light source were used, an octabox (bought from Macy's camera shop) for the ambient lighting and a Di622 mark II flash. 

 I used spongebob to adjust focus :3 bwahahhaha

and here are some of the photos, these are unedited! 

Yep! I find lens flare cool, that is why I don't usually use lens hood. And these lens flares are not edited.

It is really fun incorporating what I learn in interior design for four years, in photography.. from principles of design, proportions, symmetrical, asymmetrical, rules of third, focal point (emphasis), LIGHTING!, setting up, materials used to create certain effects or just being resourceful and use what you have around the house.. same as what I learned in materials and resources (though I don't do good) hehehe.. 
I believe that in interior design, we incorporate and create.. and that goes with photography too. 

From planning to analyzing to visualizing certain results or effects... Oh how I love interior design and photography! How I wish I can marry the two... but hey! I think I am in the process of marrying my two loviesss ^_^ Maybe, just maybe.. without my four years in interior design, I can't appreciate and understand photography more like how I am adoring it now.

Might do this again with someone to pose for me already! HAHAHAHA anyone? ;)

Monday, January 9, 2012

got a secret, can you keep it?

I have been a fan of Mr. Cris Gella even when I was still starting having fun with photography. When he added me in facebook, I got thrilled! "should I PM him or not? should I PM him or not?" this is the same phrase that ran through my mind but then I hesitated and didn't messaged him in facebook since I got really shy.. haha So when he did drop a "HI" message on facebook, one night. I didn't know what to say or do. LOL
Anyway, let's skip with that thing and yes I am a part of his team already! yeahhy! haaha :) We just had our first fun shoot last sunday night at his place together with..

Kahye Mae Tamoso, Kezeah Alburo, Kimberly Tubiano
and Vince Marie Balsicas were the gorgeous models

other photographers are Raymon Rebojo, Eldon Sato and Bobong Ansale

"the truth won't stay buried forever.."
but first, please do try to watch the video. While I was editing this set, I suddenly relate it to this series that I am always watching. Pretty Little Liars

So then I set the mood of the photos to relate it with the video.

Some behind the scenes with Adrian Ardiente

I just can't help but include this photo, she's so pretty here :)

We started at 6:00 pm and finished at 2:00 am but it was fun! ^_^
It is a very great experience with FRAGILE by Mr. Cris Gella

Thursday, January 5, 2012

embracing individuality

"We all have our own differences, the important thing is to 
respect each one.."

thought of starting a photo series about embracing individuality... 

I think it is good to have a photo that gives a message to the people. Even fashion photos, it always has a reason behind those beautiful images. So I just had my rebirth series which includes rebirth, the art of letting go and levitation (breaking free). Since I got fascinated with human forms lately, I'd love to have a photo series which speaks about individuality, respecting each one and accepting our uniqueness.

This photo talks about embracing it's own individuality. It is about acceptance and
seeing our self worth. This kind of photograph is just an inspiration from the different artists that have actually used the same process/concept. Just like levitation, I thought of doing my own version of it.

I have posted this photo already.. this is a special one.

I am looking forward to have more photos on this set.. anyone wants to participate? hehe :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

her lovely bones

"She could have flew, She could have soared up high towards that paradise sky..."
but she didn't because she can't.. she can't because she has to take care of her responsibilities.. 

Funny how sometimes we take for granted our mothers, how we sometimes talk back to them and how we not acknowledge their hard work nor their preparation of our breakfast every morning. 

Mothers do sacrifice a lot for their "youngs" especially those who are already mothers at a very young age. They could have attend all parties in town, buy their favorite expensive make ups, bags, shoes.. or do whatever they want to do. But they can't do everything because they willingly or perhaps unconsciously gave everything for their babies.

So this is what this photo is all about. The woman in the picture represents the young mothers and of how lovely they are. The red twigs are their wings and those "egg-like" balls are their responsibilities, their babies. The bottom part is that, our mothers are happy loving us, seeing us grow and taking care of us. I think, we sometimes just need to acknowledge and appreciate them.. even if it is just telling them of how beautiful they are every day.

This photo is dedicated to all the lovely young mothers out there.. most especially to the loveliest woman I know, MY MOTHER.

Things used:
  • mask
  • white twigs that I painted in red
  • Styrofoam balls that I also painted in red
  • black cloth
  • octabox (ambient light) - bought from Macy's Camera shop

Sunday, January 1, 2012

gratitude:memory of the heart

"Every time we remember to say “thank you”, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth"

"Gratitude is the best attitude. There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude. It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance."

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

Such joy I have felt on the very first of January, 2012. I can't explain how happy I am but my hands got cold and... and.. I am still like oh-my-gosh! 

I look up to a lot of artists.. from the local ones to those who are already known world wide because of the inspiration they give to young aspiring artists like me. I spend a lot of time on the internet, learning things, learning more with editing, looking for inspirations, searching for incredible artists and etc. 

One of the artists that I idolized most is Brooke Shaden, she is truly an inspiration.. from the very start that I am learning photography, I wanted to deliver something that isn't the usual.. something surreal but I don't know yet how to deliver them I thought that I have to have all these expensive stuffs to produce a certain image that I want to deliver, but NO! after all that I have discovered with some foreign artists, including miss Brooke.. we don't have to have all those expensive gadgets to produce a very unique image! 

ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR IMAGINATION. and the rest are just materials and mediums...

So anyway, Brooke Shaden had this 2011:a year in photos project wherein she gathers photos from all aspiring artists all around the world to showcase their works and to inspire more people. So I happen to pass an entry which is this...

but then after I did this shoot with Deankie Latonio, 
I wanted to change my first entry to this photo..

But to my surprise, my two photos were included in her video!!!

I just can't describe of how happy I am that I was a part of something that I never thought I will be at.. I mean, my photos got included to the photo sets wherein fine art photographers' works all around the world are also at..

So here's the video by Brooke Shaden.. I hope the people that will read this blog will get inspired the way I got inspired with her and all of the artists I look up to too.

7:08 and 7:11
my photos were at this part of the video..

Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video is "thank you" not only to the greatest Being up above but to the people who have been believing in me.

She also did a list of contributors of her video on her blog..
I am soooo happy coz my levitation photo and my name are in it.

BrookeShaden's blog

This is my greatest new year so far! This may be just a something to pros but for me, this is a
very great inspiration and motivator to do more this 2012 and for the upcoming years..
Yes, I am a huge dreamer! ;)

And these dreams cannot be and will never be realized if it weren't for these people..

1. my mother, who's always been my greatest inspiration and motivator
2. AJ that has been very supportive in everything I do
3. Tiara, who's always been my muse and forever will be :)
4. Shena Capetillo, one of the best people I have ever met. Such an inspiration too!
5. Guada, the most supportive friend everrrrr! thank you guads! so much!
6. Dierrek who's always been my photo buddy and always been answering my questions HAHAHA

and to Lou, Jhowboi, Jay, Pryle and Erven (my bestest friends)..
and of course to Deankie Latonio who is in the Levitation photo, thank you so much! I know he had a very hard time doing the shoot coz of what i instructed him to do.. but he understood my concept and story and realized it very well! thank you so much dynxxx! so much! 

I have never expected that my year would start this great coz I usually encounter normal new years but this year is special.. I know, it will be.. and the following years too! 

I can't thank everyone enough especially the One up above.. 

"A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues"